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Abajo Street

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Abajo Street


Basic Information

Location Hervas, Spain
Country Spain
City Hervas
Address Hervas, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 40.2748,-5.8570


At the same Square, an olive tree from Jerusalem forms a spot full of charm which prepares the traveller for symbolically entering the Jewish quarter via Abajo street, its main thoroughfare. A the point of departure there is a descriptive sign explaining the main features of the Jewish quarter of Hervás and a plan of the town. Since that time the Jewish quarter has appeared as a cramped popular village spreaded over the banks of the river, winding through a layout of purely medieval essences. No sooner than staring the route along Abajo Street, the Rincón de Don Benitoon the left already brings the commercial and crafts aroma which characterised a large part of the activity of the Jews of Extremadura and which in Hervás is still conserved over time.

As well as agriculture, particularly the vineyards, in the 18th century Hervás, with the factory of Juan López, had an important textile industry which would last until the 14th century, then making way for the furniture industry and the recovery of crafts, today one of its main attractions. At number 11 of Abajo street, the hallway of the ARI office permanently displays a series of photos which show part of the secret behind the recovery and the updating of the Jewish quarter of Hervás in the 1990's. Always endowed with the leit-motif of water, the caño del Tío Julián is located at the fork between Abajo street, which continues to the left, and the former Hospital street, today Amistad Judeo Cristiana (Jewish-Christian friendship) street as stated on the plaque in Spanish and in Hebrew.

The medieval atmosphere picks up on the second stretch of Abajo street where the splendid architectonic set of popular houses starts to appear. The first alley emerging on the right overlooks a passageway where tradition has it that there is a hypothetical Jewish gate. It is worth taking a few steps inside to admire one of the many secret spots of this Jewish quarter which brings together its main branches via narrow passages, always sheltered from strong winds in winter and the rigours of the sun in summer.

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