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Aginsky House

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Basic Information

Location 5 Engel,Tel Aviv
Country Israel
City Tel Aviv-Yafo

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Website http://www.white-city.co.il/map/rotshild.pdf
Geographical Coordinates 32.06748,34.7787


A residential building shaped as a clean cube of exact proportions, balancing between built, pale surfaces and the openings created by the balconies. The eastern block of the facade projects out to allow exposure to the western sea breeze. The balconies create a horizontal accentuation, in contrast to the vertical accentuation created by the glass brick window of the stairwell. On the roof floats a pergola, supported by a round column placed in a straight line with the line of the small balconies. The garden is part of the original plan. By means of cactuses and palm trees a play of light and shadows is created on the wall of the house. As part of the program to renew the heart of the city, the street has been developed as a pedestrian walkway, including seating and playgrounds. In the past, the businessman Ted Arrison lived here. The architect Sam Barkai studied in Paris and worked in the office of Le Corbusier. In 1934 he returned and participated in publishing the journal "Building in the Near East." In his articles he stressed the importance of vegetation as part of architecture.

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