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Ancient synagogue

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Ancient synagogue


Basic Information

Location Calahorra, Spain
Country Spain
City Calahorra
Address Calahorra, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 42.3004,-1.9582


After the Jews left Calahorra, the Catholic Monarchs, in a charter granted in the town of Ágreda on August 7th 1492, made a donation to the Cathedral church of Calahorra of the building which had, up to that point, been the Jewish synagogue so as to recondition it as a Christian church. The chapterhouse transformed the building, situated in the vicinity of the church of San Salvador and the castle, in a hermitage dedicated to San Sebastián

Some decades later,in 1579, the Cathedral chapterhouse granted the church of San Salvador to the Franciscan friars who reformed it and extended it with a cloister. Since that time, it changed its advocacy of San Salvador to that of San Francisco which is still retained. With a view to building the cloister, the chapterhouse also granted the San Sebastián hermitage to the Franciscans, in other words, the old synagogue building which was knocked down

Everything would suggest that the synagogue would take up the space where, in 1927, the Aurelio Prudencio School unit was erected in 1927 (now the «San Francisco» Adult Education Centre) at Rasillo de San Francisco Square on the cloister of the church of San Francisco, in ruins in all likelihood since the Mendizábal Disentailment in 1835. This school unit also occupied an alley known, significantly, as Callejón de la Sinagoga (Synagogue Alley), about which news was also provided in 1925 by Father Lucas de San Juan de la Cruz in his study on the city of Calahorra, indicating it as the core of the old Jewish quarter.

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