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Arcadia Orphanage

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Arcadia Orphanage


Basic Information

Location 85 George Avenue, Sandringham, Johannesburg, South Africa
Phone number +2711 483-7507
Country South Africa
City Johannesburg
Address 85 George Avenue Sandringham Johannesburg South Africa

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Website http://www.jhbchev.co.za/pages/content_Arcadia.aspx
Geographical Coordinates -26.1436,28.11033


Since its establishment as an orphanage for Jewish children in 1903, c has cared for and raised thousands of orphans. Due to the vast numbers over the years, there were several requirements that applicants had to meet, such as age limits, South African citizenship and that at least one parent had to be dead. Today, only those children whose parents cannot care for them are accepted. As of 2014, there are 21 children residing in Arcadia. These children are placed there by the Children’s Court for their own protection and are given round-the-clock support from fully trained teachers, doctors, counselors and more. The children are also given ample opportunity to explore Judaism as the current building is located in close proximity to several synagogues and youth programs.

History and time period

Arcadia’s modest beginnings started in 1903 when several members of the Jewish Ladies Communal League started an orphanage for 8 Jewish orphaned children and from there it only grew larger. The number of residents expanded significantly and as a result, the orphanage had no choice but to relocate several times over the years to bigger and bigger buildings. The most well-known residents of Arcadia were “Ochberg’s Orphans”: the children who were brought from the Ukraine in 1921 by Mr. Isaac Ochberg. Upon hearing of the Russian revolution post-World War I, Ochberg’s immediate concern was for the Jews who were surely suffering from persecution in his homeland. He was determined to save as many Jewish orphaned children as he could from disease, starvation and ultimate death. Ochberg risked his own health in order to save nearly 200 Jewish orphans and brought them back to South Africa. While the majority of the children were brought to the Oranjia Orphanage, the building simply could not care for all of Ochberg’s Orphans and therefore many of them were also sent to Arcadia where Ochberg was a significant benefactor. Here, the orphans were cared for and ultimately adopted by Jewish families.

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