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Arriaza district/street

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Arriaza district/street


Basic Information

Location Toledo, Spain
Country Spain
City Toledo
Address Toledo, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 39.8561,-4.0306


The Arriaza district must have existed since well before the last decade of the 13th century. The first documentary evidence of the district is from 1292 when the monastery of San Clemente buys three houses –almazría, a cellar and six shops – situated together in the Suburb of the Jews on del barrio Arriaza street in the city of Toledo. Under the third house, the furthest down, forming a corner, there were six shops. Three gave out onto the square where the butcher´s shops are situated and the other three were opposite the shops which leaned against the castle wall on the street of the bailiff and tax collector Abuibrahim. The three houses would still be owned by the monastery until the second half of the 18th century.

A century after the expulsion of Jews and Moslems, the name of Arriaza was no longer used and was replaced by that of Barrio Nuevo (New District) which designates the whole of the Jewish quarter to the south of Santo Tomé. According to Jean Passini, the Arriaza district included at least the barrio de Arriaza street; another street, packed with commercial activity, perpendicular to the latter; and behind the three houses described above, the Carniceros (butchers) square. The district ended at the Castillo Viejo (Old Castle) which it may have skirted but did not incorporate.

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