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Baba Sali Pilgrimage

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Basic Information

Location Netivot, Israel
Date 2013/01/15 - 2000/01/01
Recurring Event: yes
Phone number 08-9940900
Country Israel
City Netivot

Tourist Information

Free entry yes
Suitable for kids yes
Handicap accessibility no
Yearly event yes
Website http://www.babasali.co.il/


Rabbi Yisroel Abu-hatzeira (1890-1984), more commonly referred to as the Baba Sali or the "Praying Father," was a leading Moroccan rabbi and kabbalist who was renowned for his ability to work miracles through his prayers. Baba Sali came from a distinguished line of Jewish tzaddikim, being the grandson of Rabbi Ya’akov Abu haTza’ira and the son of Rabbi Shmuel Abu haTza’ira. Baba Sali himself was known for his charisma and had enormous popularity amongst Moroccan Jews. Originally born in southern Morocco, Baba Sali made aliyah to Israel in 1964, leading the way for tens of thousands of Moroccan Jews who accompanied him. He settled in the quiet development town of Netivot, Israel where he lived until he passed away in January of 1984. Since his passing, his grave site in Netivot has become the site of a major pilgrimage (“hilula”) which draws between 100,000 to 150,000 followers annually. The Hilula is a dramatic event, full of the color and liveliness of Moroccan Jewish culture. Followers place objects close to Baba Sali’s tomb, hoping to receive a blessing from the great rabbi and dance and sing in his honor. Besides the annual Hilula, the tomb site of Baba Sali is visited by roughly 600,000 Jews throughout the rest of the year.

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