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Bajada de Santa Eulàlia

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Bajada de Santa Eulàlia


Basic Information

Location Barcelona, Spain
Country Spain
City Barcelona
Address Barcelona, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 41.3828,2.17499


In the Middle Ages Sant Sever and bajada de Santa Eulalia made up just one street called Volta which ended at the Roman wall and which was a cul-de-sac until 1394. At number 3 Bajada de Santa Eulalia streets there is an interesting medieval building backing onto the Roman wall and built inside it. The lateral façade of this building looked out onto a street which no longer exists and of which a bricked up segment can be seen, part conserved as a courtyard and the other part, also bricked up, giving out onto a large courtyard large courtyard facing Sant Felip Neri square. . A stone tablet with a Hebrew inscription, in re-used building material with a Hebrew inscription. The building dates from after 1391. These streets form the northern limit of the district and they were crossed on the left by the Roman wall and on the right by the bishop's properties. The Jewish houses did not reach the current Sant Felip Neri Square which was the Bishop's domain.

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