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Baluarte de los Pozos

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Baluarte de los Pozos


Basic Information

Location Caceres, Spain
Country Spain
City Caceres
Address Caceres, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 39.4722,-6.3693


This new tourist centre is located in the Old Jewish Quarter of Cáceres and includes a typical house, a garden-vantage point and the Torre de los Pozos (Tower of the Wells), a magnificent example of Almohad fortification, raised 6 metres above the barbican. From here you can behold some of the most characteristic and beautiful spots in the city like the Santuario de la Virgen de la Montaña (Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Mountain), Ribera del Marco stream, Concejo fountain, San Marquino… As an anteroom to the Tower the garden-vantage point has been rehabilitated.

The Tower of the Wells is the most advanced of the watchtowers surrounding the stretches of the wall. Joined to the wall by a 26-meter long watchtower pass, the majority of which has disappeared as it has been incorporated into the dwellings built in the vicinity in the subsequent period, also called the Gypsy Tower it has a trapezoid site nearing a rectangle, rising 14 metres from its base. The current entrance is gained via a wicket gate located on its southern flank which connects it to the rest of the bulwark and via which we can get into the inner chamber of the tower and from there to the upper terrace covered by groin vaults supported on a column formed by three granite tambours which is 1.84 metres high.

It has been conserved intact with various esgrafiats on its northern and eastern faces, an extremely valuable decoration not only as it features as one of the few Hispano-Moslem artistic elements conserved in the city, but also as it constitute a historical legacy of the Almohad presence in Cáceres. Whilst on the eastern and front face of the Torre de los Pozos two eight-pointed stars alternate, common in Moslem art, with false ashlar and teardrops, on the northern face there is an epigraph traced in Al-Andalus script calligraphy in which the Arabists have seen fit to interpret a religious elegy translated as God is our lord. Several metres under this esgrafiat, a knot strip is conserved framing the false and small ashlar, traces of a possible decoration based on lime mortar strips which in the past may have covered almost all the external sides of the tower.

Inside the two-storey house, around twenty scale models are displayed reproducing the civil, military and religious architecture of the city, highlighting those granted by the artist from Cáceres Eusebio Salgado. Accompanying the scale models, we can see various explanatory panels which will help us to understand the historic and urbanistic development of Cáceres.

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