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Banys Nous Street

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Banys Nous Street


Basic Information

Location Barcelona, Spain
Country Spain
City Barcelona
Address Barcelona, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 41.3820,2.17525


The name of this street refers to a unique building which characterised it for a long time: the Banys Nous, the medieval public baths of the city. They were situated on that part of the street which forms a corner with the Boqueria, in the space now occupied by a building with notable Baroque esgrafiats.

The baths were founded in 1160 by the alfaqui Abraham Bonastruc, associated with Count Ramon Berenguer. The count granted some land outside the Roman wall under Castell Nou, a place where water was plentiful and Bonastruc had them built and equipped. According to the contract the alfaqui would run them and both would receive a third of the profits. Bonastruc' sons sold them to Guillem Durfort.

The building was built according to the Arab tradition of bathing houses, but with Romanesque techniques and decoration. It had various rooms and outbuildings, including one intended for Mikveh . The most important rooms were the rest room with a vault central shrine and the steam bath rooms. The building remained intact, though unused, buried under the house until 1835 when it was knocked down. Plans and drawings of a scale model can be found at the City History Museum.

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