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Biblical texts in the Municipal Historic Archive

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Biblical texts in the Municipal Historic Archive


Basic Information

Location Tudela, Spain
Country Spain
City Tudela

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 42.0627,-1.6075


The Jewish religion was difficult to observe. Any infringements committed by the members of each community were set out in the accounts of the bailiff, the King´s representative before the aljama. The executive agent is the albedín, a member of the Jewish court who received a ninth share of the fines. These lists of fined parties bear faithful testimony to life inside the walls of the Jewish quarter: a closed universe where there were strong tensions. Squabbles, rapes, tax offences etc. were set out in this documentation.

The aljama appeared as the holder of those judicial functions contained in Talmudic law. The general assembly would meet at the synagogue. In Tudela the elected synagogue was that of the Tejedores (Weavers) in the district of the same name. This community had a Council of the Twenty which acted by delegation of the general assembly and, in actual fact, it was the executive body. For any further actions there were forty two governors who were quite similar to the chiefs of Christian councils.Governance of the Jewish quarter often fell into the hands of just a few families who comprised a kind of urban oligarchy. In this regard, the lineages of the Menir, Falaquera and Orabuena are known in Tudela. By contrast to other peninsular kingdoms, until 1390 the figure of the Great Rabbi did not exist in Navarre, known as the maximum representative of the Jews of the kingdom. Said appointment was made by the Orabuena family of Tudela. This family held said office until the mid-15th century. In the last third of said century another from Tudela, the Malach, replaced it

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