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Cáceres- Barrio de San Antonio

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Cáceres-Barrio de San Antonio


Basic Information

Location Cáceres, Spain
Country Spain
City Cáceres

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility yes
Website http://www.redjuderias.org/google/map.php?l=en
Geographical Coordinates 39.47527,-6.3723


The street of Barrio de San Antonia clearly depicts the beauty and sentiment of the Old Jewish Quarter of Cáceres. The street is adorned with narrow streets and whitewashed buildings, making the trip from the New Jewish Quarter to the other side of the Plaza Mayor a moving journey. This walk also allows one to visit a large proportion of Cáceres, whilst following the medieval traces of its Jewish residents.


The city of Cáceres is located in the province of Cáceres, in the Extremadura region of western central Spain. At the entrance of Barrio de San Antonio street (30 Barrio de San Antonio Street) two stars of David can be seen, reminding us of San Antonio District's Jewish history.

History and time period

The city was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1986. During the 15th Century, the city held an important Jewish quarter, with approximately 140 Jewish families living in Cáceres. In 1942, the Jewish population was expelled from the city, by Queen Isabella and Ferdinand of Aragon. Despite this, remains of the Jewish presence are still present in Barrio San Antonio today.

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