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Cambrón Gate

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Cambrón Gate


Basic Information

Location Toledo, Spain
Country Spain
City Toledo
Address Toledo, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 39.8592,-4.0322


The Cambrón gate or Bab al-Yahud (Gate of the Jews) of the original Jewish quarter, the main entrance and exit of the Jewish quarter and of the city via the west, is a highly modified gate of Moslem origin. Its location coincides with the south-eastern limit of the former Jewish quarter of Toledo.

The current version dates from 1576 and it was structured by repeating the Bisagra structure, in square form based on a small interior courtyard surrounded by four towers covered by slate chapters. It has fragments with Roman reliefs similar to those of the Sol gate.

On both sides there are Renaissance gateways with coats-of-arms, that of the city on the exterior and that of Felipe II on the interior. Under the latter a beautiful image of St.Leocadia can be seen, the patron saint of Toledo. The gate also bears the inscription reminding that the residents of Montes de Toledo, part of the city, are except from passage rights. Its name is associated with brambles, thorny plants which are abundant in the area.

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