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Castelló Ketubah

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Castelló Ketubah


Basic Information

Location Castello, Spain
Country Spain
City Castello

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 42.2581,3.07479


The ketubah of Castelló was discovered a few years ago in the Historic Archive of Girona thanks to the fact that it formed part of the binding of a notarial manual of Castelló dʼEmpúries. It is a historical document drafted in Hebrew and signed on May 3rd 1377 by David ben Meshulam de Gallac and Astruga, daughter of Abraham, son of Yosef Al Gallet, two Jewish residents of the town. If we bear in mind that the records of the notary Francesc Bach, in whose binding the ketubah was found, contains works from 1473-1477, the large parchment used in 1377 to write the ketubah was reused exactly 96 years to the day after the marriage was celebrated when the couple had already passed away and the document had no legal value. So once again we should be grateful for the reuse of any kind of material from the book because this has allowed many written documents to be preserved.

The text of the ketubah begins as follows:

Martes 25 del mes de Iyar del año 5137 de la creación del mundo, de acuerdo con nuestro cálculo que adoptamos aquí, en Castelló dʼEmpuries, que el novio David, hijo de Meshulam de Gallac, dijo a la señora Astruga, hija de Sir hijo de Abraham de Yosef Al Gallet:

«Sé para mí una esposa [de acuerdo a la ley de Moisés] y de Israel, y os sostendré y os honrraré, os proporcionaré alimento y lo que usted necesite para vivir, de acuerdo con la ley de los hombres judíos que sostienen, horran y proporcionan alimiento y lo que se necesita para vivir a sus esposas con abundancia. Te doy la dote (mohar) por tu virginidad, en la cantidad de 200 zuzim que se le deben a usted, y, además, su mantenimiento, su ropa, tanta como sea necesaria, y relaciones sexuales con usted de acuerdo con la costumbre de toda la tierra».

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