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Jaén, well known for its olives– in fact, Jaén is known as the World Capital of Olive Oil. Nowadays, it boasts a university, a shopping district and other cultural attractions such as theatres, restaurants and museums. The Jewish Call is formed of narrow, winding alleyways accessed through three gates. Much like other Calls, there are Arab baths in the quarter, which the Jews of Jaén were known to use on Fridays to prepare for the Sabbath. More baths – ‘the baths of Isaac’ – are outside the church of San Andrés, a leftover remnant from when the church was a synagogue. Stroll along to the Plaza de los Huérfanos, where the star attraction lies: the Menorah of the Diaspora, commemorating the wandering Sephardic Jews. The inscription reads: The footprints of those who walk together can never be erased. It’s an invitation to make more footprints

Famous figures

Hasday ibn Shaprut: 910-975.