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Chatam Sofer Memorial

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Chatam Sofer Memorial


Basic Information

Location General Ludvík Svoboda Embankment, Bratislava
Country Slovakia
City Bratislava

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment yes
Handicap accessibility no
Website http://www.slovak-jewish-heritage.org/chatam-sofer-memorial.html?&L=0
Geographical Coordinates 48.14589,17.10714


Chatam Sofer Memorial, formerly the Old Jewish Cemetery is the burial place and memorial of Moses Sofer a prominent orthodox rabbi from the 19th century built at the place of a 17th-century Jewish cemetery in Bratislava, Slovakia. The historical cemetery was mostly destroyed with the construction of the road tunnel under Bratislava Castle in 1943 but negotiations with the clero-facsist Slovak leader Jozef Tiso allowed an important fraction of the cemetery containing the graves of the rabbis to be preserved encased in concrete. Later, when the tunnel was converted for public transport trams a tram stop was constructed above the site. In 2002 a modern memorial was erected above the site and it was partially opened to the public.

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