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Converted Jews' cemetery

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Converted Jews' cemetery


Basic Information

Location Castello, Spain
Country Spain
City Castello
Address Castello, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 42.2601,3.07649


As from the 15th century the converted Jews were buried in a delimited area of the Christian cemetery situated inside Sagrera. The cemetery which had been used for converts adjoined the northern wall of the basilica's apse and took up part of the land where today the Santísimo chapel is located, built in 1724.

The area has been known over the centuries as the converted Jews' cemetery. At present, part of the former cemetery is occupied by the Santísimo chapel and the other has been equipped as a pedestrian footpath and vantage point open to the public.

In their wills, conserved in the Liber Testamentorum, 1417-1429), Gabriel de Rajadell (Samuel Issac) and Castelló Aranyó (Jucef Aninay) ask to be buried in the cemetery for Jewish converts:

Gabriel de Rajadell (Samuel Issac):

Eligo corpori meo sepulturam in cimiterio ecclesie parrochialis beate Marie dicte ville Castilionis, operi veteri (February 14th 1419)

Castelló Aranyó (Jucef Aninay):

Eligo sepulturam corpori meo in cimiterio ecclesie betate Marie jam dicte ville Castilionis (June 29th 1429).

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