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Damascus Jewish Quarter

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Damascus Jewish Quarter


Basic Information

Location Damescus, Syrian Arab Republic
Country Syria
City Demascus

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 33.513,36.292


Syrian Jews (Arabic: يهود سوريون‎) are Jews who inhabit the region of the modern state of Syria, and their descendants born outside Syria. Syrian Jews derive their origin from two groups: from the Jews who inhabited the region of today's Syria from ancient times (known as Musta'arabi Jews, and sometimes classified as Mizrahi Jews, a generic term for the Jews with an extended history in the Middle East or North Africa) and from the Sephardi Jews (referring to Jews with an extended history in the Iberian Peninsula, i.e. Spain and Portugal) who fled to Syria after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain (1492 CE).

There were large communities in Aleppo and Damascus for centuries, and a smaller community in Qamishli on the Turkish border near Nusaybin. In the first half of the 20th century a large percentage of Syrian Jews emigrated to the U.S. Central and South America and Israel. Most of the remaining Jews left in the 28 years following 1973, due in part to the efforts of Judith Feld Carr, who claims to have helped some 3,228 Jews emigrate. Emigration became legal in 1992.

Photo Gallery

  • Boutique hotel in the jewish quarter in Damascus' old city. It's a converted palace, built on a 5000 year old foundation and spectacular

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