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Decree of Expulsion

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Decree of Expulsion


Basic Information

Location Avila, Spain
Country Spain
City Avila

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 40.6567,-4.6998


The whereabouts of the original of this legal order is not known as we have only been left copies sent to specific cities where Jews resided. The Decree of expulsion to be found in the Provincial Historic Archive of Ávila is the version of the decree for the Kingdom of Castile signed by Isabel and Fernando. A further two versions of the edict are known of:

  • One, dated March 20th 1492 and sent by the Inquisitor-general Torquemada to the Bishop of Girona ten days before the edict signed by the Catholic Monarchs.
  • The other signed in Granada on March 31st by Fernando of Aragón and Isabel of Castile, valid for the Crown of Castile. The document kept in Ávila is the only copy retained of this version.
  • A third, also signed in Granada on March 31st 1492 only by Fernando of Aragón, valid for the Kingdom of Aragón.

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