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Eden Cinema

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Basic Information

Location 32°03′42″N 34°46′02″E
Phone number 03-5170588
Country Israel
City Tel Aviv-Yafo
Address Vitkin 16, Tel Aviv

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility yes
Geographical Coordinates 32.06178,34.7672


The Eden Cinema (Kolnoa Eden) was built in 1914 despite objections by the residents of Ahuzat Bayit, the neighborhood that became Tel Aviv. The owners, Moshe Abarbanel and Mordechai Wieser received a 13-year franchise. During World War I, the theater was shut down by order of the Ottoman government on the pretext that its generator could be used to send messages to enemy submarines off shore. It reopened to the public during the British Mandate and became a hub of cultural and social activity. It closed down in 1974.

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