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Episcopal Palace

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Episcopal Palace


Basic Information

Location Tarazona, Spain
Country Spain
City Tarazona
Address Tarazona, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 41.9041,-1.7280


The complexity and variety of the Episcopal Palace, developed in line with different architectonic programmes on each of its sides, also complies with the sum of the constructions sharing space after the Christian conquest at the site of the old Moslem fortress. On the defences of the Zuda, at the highest point of the city, the residence of the monarchs of Aragón was erected which gradually added different medieval constructions and rebirths with an important enlargement in the 18th century. Alongside the solid façade, a façade arising from the confluence of Juderia street with Alta street, one of the palace gates opens, the one giving access to the Tarazona Study Centre, the Fernando the Catholic Institution, dependent on Saragossa County Council, up the street, the steps cross, via a passageway, as far as the vantage point of the Palacio square where the Zuda gate established another of the limits of the Jewish quarter, at its connection with the upper district. Rom the square where the Episcopal Palace, the church of Magdalena and the Arch of Cadena have their confluence, there are some wonderful views over the Plaza de Toros Vieja (Old Bull Ring square) and the cathedral of Tarazona.

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