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España Square

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España Square


Basic Information

Location Tarazona, Spain
Country Spain
City Tarazona
Address Tarazona, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 41.9052,-1.7271


At the access to España suare via the narrow Pasaje del Comercio which opens out as from Bonifacio Doz street at the site of Merced street, the monument to Cipotegato stands out against the spectacular façade of the town hall. The square, also known as Mercado (market) square, established the limit of the Jewish quarter and represents an age-old commercial and meeting place between the three cultures that lived side by side in Tarazona for centuries. The «El Cipotegato» festival, declared as being in the National Tourist Interest, is held on August 27th as the start of the patron saint feast in honour of San Atilano in which this odd-looking character, dressed as a jester, is taken through the city under a shower of tomatoes thrown by the crowd. At the Town hall building, erected on the old wall in the 16th century to be used as a fish market and public granary, worthy of mention are the gallery of arches, a replica of the high cloister of the monastery of Veruela, the coats-of-arms and characters adorning the façade (including Hercules, Kakos and Pierres) and, in particular, the striking frieze portraying Charles V in Bologna, a real history lesson sculpted in plaster. The cavalcade of the emperor, based on the engravings by Robert Péril and Nikolas Hogenberg from the Netherlands, not only affords the testimony of a complete programme of de imperial exaltation with examples in various countries in Europe, but which also attests to the importance and power of Tarazona in the Renaissance.

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