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Basic Information

Location Navarre, Spain
Country Spain
City Estella

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility yes
Geographical Coordinates 42.69539,-1.67607


One of the only quarters which was built between a castle and a former prison’s bridge, Estella’s community was the third richest and most powerful in the region. Perhaps the second most famous Jewish wall in history, the quarter is comprised of 300 meters of white limestone, topped with part of a remaining tower. Unfortunately, no actual remains of any other Jewish community buildings are present. Two former synagogues that were later converted into churches still remain within the quarter – San Pedro de la Rua and the Santa Maria jus del Castillo. Climb up Zalatambor Castle for some spectacular views.


Established in 1090, Stella is a town located in the autonomous community of Navarre, in northern Spain. The town is situated south west of Pamplona, close to the border with La Rioja and Álava and is home to approximately 14, 138 people. Today, the town hosts various events, including the the GP Miguel Indurain

History and time period

The town was founded when the place, lying by the fortified settlement of Lizarra, was granted a charter by the Pamplonese King, Sancho Ramirez. The town has since become a landmark comprising of a melting pot of heritage, including Francos, called in by Navarrese kings, Jews and the original Navarrese inhabitants.The town was a major headquarter of the Carlist party in the Carlist Wars of the mid 19th century, with Tomas Zumalakarregi being appointed Commander in Chief in this Estella-Lizarra. Between 1927 and 1967,which extended up to Bergara. The line was fitted with an electrified power supply as of 1938.

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