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Falagueria Street

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Falagueria Street


Basic Information

Location Monforte, Spain
Country Spain
City Monforte
Address Monforte, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 42.5228,-7.5093


Falagueira street, whose name was changed after the expulsion of the Jews to Cruz (cross) street, joins the Nova and Pescadería gates and constitutes the main thoroughfare of the Jewish district and the medieval city. After a short stretch with rehabilitated houses, the asphalt track becomes a dirt track: on the left, the vegetable gardens have gradual taken up the space of the houses between the Street and the wall, some of whose towers are still standing; on the right, alongside some water mines via which the dampness of the mountain seeps out, the remains of a building still allow us to locate the trabuleiro which is still standing of the former cobblers´ workshop: a spacious windowsill used as a counter so they can do business from inside the house.

On the dirt track the age-old town suddenly becomes a country path amongst market garden mud walls, some of them connected, so tradition would have it, with places where the Crypto-Jews from Monforte were christened in secret. On the left, half way along the path, the slope emerges linking the city with the postigo de los Chaos (Chaos wicket gate), a short cut connecting the district of Os Chaos which is located outside the walls and has been very active for centuries with the upper part.

Further on, also on eth left, a couple of houses serves as the reference for the siting of the old Concello de la Villa (Town Council); for centuries the Town Hall was situated at a large house annexed to the largest of the two aforementioned houses until the municipal administration was transferred in the early 20th century to the outbuildings of the Sancti Spiritu hospital, in the current Comercio street. The larger property was also used on occasion when the town hall was too small for acts related with the very active municipal life of Monforte, something which is borne out by the very name of the street where the town hall was located: Falagueira, which means taking street in Galciain, in other words, the hubbub or chattering. Quite unlike today as its silence is deafening.

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