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Former St. Dominic´s Convent

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Former St. Dominic´s Convent


Basic Information

Location Palma, Spain
Country Spain
City Palma
Address Palma, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 39.5689,2.64878


The current Balearic Islands´ Parliament takes up most to what used to be the old St. Dominic´s Convent, settled, in turn, on the set of Jewish houses of Almudaina dels Jueus which the order obtained in 1236 from the hands of Prince Pedro de Portugal, though the first stone would not be laid until sixty years later

The Dominican convent where the sanbenitos of the converts sentenced by the Inquisition were placed, served this purpose for five centuries until this was ended by the Disentailment, going into the hands of the Círculo Mallorquín after a few years.

During the almost forty years it took to build the convent, the Jews who lived at the Citadel site, around it and at other places in the city, as stated in an order by Jaime II (qui consueuerit morari et suas domos et habitaciones habere intus Almudaynam et in altris locis ciuitatis Maioricarum) during the course of their various activities must have settled and spread around various sites in the new Christian city, sometimes leaving and sometimes being turfed out of their stronghold at the Citadel.

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