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Former synagogue-Church of San Bartolomé

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Former synagogue-Church of San Bartolomé


Basic Information

Location Sevilla, Spain
Country Spain
City Sevilla
Address Sevilla, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 37.3878,-5.9865


In the Jewish quarter of Seville there were three synagogues; one, in the area of what today is Santa Cruz square which later became the Parish church and disappeared in the early 19th century; the other, in the current temple of Santa María la Blanca and the third would occupy part of what today is the Parish church of San Bartolomé.

                   <pOn January 9th 1396 King Enrique III confiscated the assets of the Jews and the three synagogues, granting them to his Chief Justice, Don Diego López de Zúñiga and his Butler, Don Juan Hurtado de Mendoza. These concessions were not actually implemented because the Secular Chapterhouse seized them and handed them over to the Cathedral´s chapterhous, which stipulated that Santa Cruz and Santa María la Blanca should be assigned to the Cathedral of Seville as chapels and that which in the future would become the church of San Bartolomé was the only one which would continue as a synagogue.</p>

The old synagogue must have been erected where the Salesas convent is situated today and which used to be called San Bartolomé El Viejo (The Old). This convent, which already existed before the expulsion at that site, appears in a concord dated September 15th 1410 between the Chapterhouse of the cathedral of Seville and the Incumbents of the Church of San Bartolomé and whose original can be found on the Cathedral Archives.

In around 1470 the former Parish church of San Bartolomé El Viejo, was moved to what was the synagogue of the Jewish quarter, near the wall of Seville and situated between the so-called Carne gate and the Carmona gate. In its conversion to a Christian temple, a series of adaptation and enlargement works were carried out as can be verified in the documents of the time. The remodelled temple was called San Bartolomé El Nuevo (The New) and opened for Christian worship in 1490

The church was knocked down in 1779. In its stead a new temple was built in 1786 in accordance with plans by José Echamorro which is the one that can be seen today.

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