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Former synagogue-Santa Cruz Square

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Former synagogue-Santa Cruz Square


Basic Information

Location Sevilla, Spain
Country Spain
City Sevilla
Address Sevilla, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 37.3852,-5.9884


From Alfaro square we reach Santa Cruz square. This square is surrounded by a small gardened, tree-lined area and around it there are numerous manor houses including the old house of the architect Juan Talavera, one of the most important figures in the regionalist architecture of Seville.

In the past the parish church of Santa Cruz was in the square which lent its name to the district. The Mudejar style church took advantage of one of the three synagogues which was in the Jewish quarter in Seville andit was converted into a Christian church after the events of 1391. The church was in ruins when it was knocked down in 1811 by the occupying French government which put into a reurbanisation plan for the city. The square occupies the church plot Three of the columns of the synagogue-church are conserved at La Rábida street, supporting a large screen.

Murillo was buried at this old church and his remains have been buried in the rubble as is borne out by a plaque at la western façade of the square.

In 1921 the Cruz de la Cerrajería (locksmith´s cross) is placed in its centre. This monument dates from 1692 and is the work of the grate maker Sebastián Conde and it was originally situated at the confluence of Sierpes and Cerrajería streets (hence its name). Owing to the disruption it caused to circulation it was dismantled and re-assembled on numerous occasions until finally, in the 19th century, it was taken to the Museum of Fine Arts. In 1921, owing to the urbanistic remodelling of the Santa Cruz district, it was placed permanently presiding over the garden of this square.

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