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Funeral headstone of the Gaibor

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Funeral headstone of the Gaibor


Basic Information

Location Monforte, Spain
Country Spain
City Monforte

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 42.5227,-7.5164


The death of Jorge de Gaibor is related with a popular convert story known as the case of the Christ of the Lashes, perfectly documented by the Santiago Inquisition in 1580. The testimony of one of its servants combined with the fact that he saw his son Juan with a crucifix and some lashes, served as the basis for the accusation that the recent convert was spending his nights whipping an image of Christ on the Cross. Convened by the Holy Court, based in Valladolid at that time, during the journey he felt very sick and had to return quickly to his house in Monforte where he died in a matter of days

At the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Ourense there is a valuable headstone from Monforte which corresponds to the chapel that the Gaibor founded at the start of the 16th century at the Franciscan convent of St. Anthony of Padua where the Counts of Lemos had their Family pantheon and which indicates that underneath lie Juan de Gaibor and Jorge de Gaibor, residents and councillors of this town.

Aqui iacen Juan de Gaibor y su ijo Jorge de Gaibor fundador desta ca[pilla. Fue]ron vecinos y regidores desta villa.</blockquote

</p> <p>A piece was missing from the inscription which brought about the erroneous belief, which has now been clarified, that said piece proved the foundation of a house in Monforte de Lemos by the Gaibor lineage.</p>

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