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Ghetto's Main Entrances

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Ghetto's Main Entrances


Basic Information

Location Calle Convertite, 1104, Venezia, 30121 Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy
Country Italy
City Venezia

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Website http://jvenice.org/en/main-entrances http://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/venice-ghetto-jews-italy-anniversary-shaul-bassi-180956867/?no-ist - related about the poetess Sara Copio Sullam
Geographical Coordinates 45.4452,12.32469


Several gates still surround the Jewish Ghetto, a real-life-testament to the life-in-containment once led by the community. Two of its main entrances can be spotted linked by a small bridge adjacent to the Old Ghetto, overlooking one of Venice’s many canals. By day, these gates would be kept open, allowing the Jewish community free access to the labor market. Yet come nightfall, its doors would shut and Christian gatekeepers would take their post in guarding the premises. Fading marks from the gates’ hinges are still visible to visitors.

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