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Gironella Tower

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Gironella Tower


Basic Information

Location Girona, Spain
Country Spain
City Girona
Address Girona, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 41.9867,2.82875


Leaving behind the head of the cathedral and the retiring Jardines de la Francesa (French Lady's Gardens), Alemanys street and Pere de Rocabertí street lead to the former Caserna dels Alemanys, the site of an old barracks today converted into a Romantic garden amongst ruins and stretches of the wall which occupies the highest point of the city and constitutes the vertex of the triangle where the former Roman Gerundatakes shape.

It is at this complex where the Gironella Tower is situated, famous for serving as a refuge for Jews who were able to escape the slaughter and sacking of the Jewish quarter of 1391. After passing through Seville (June 4th), Valencia (July 9th), Majorca (August 2nd) and Barcelona (August 5th), on the night of August 10th a crowd of peasants got into the Jewish quarter and sacked it, bringing about the death of at least forty Jews who refused to be Christened.

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