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Golders Green Synagogue

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Golders Green Synagogue


Basic Information

Location NW11 8AE
Phone number +44 20 8455 2460
Country United Kingdom
City London
Address 41 Dunstan Rd, London

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 51.56833,-0.20196


Golders Green is an area in the London Borough of Barnet in London, England.

The Golders Green Synagogue is a modern orthodox synagogue which opened in 1922 and now serves over 500 people.


There has been a prominent Jewish community since the 20th century. The vast majority of the population are Jewish and mostly orthodox. It is a strong knitted Jewish community that flourished right from the onset. The ultra orthodox took root after Hitler's rise to power with the first German immigrants forming the Golders Green Beth Hamedrash. Soon after, Galician Polish immigrants formed other synagogues. With it came the formation of Jewish schools such as Menorah before the onset of WWII. By the 1950s the Jewish population tripled. Nowadays there are close to 50 Kosher restaurants and eateries under rabbinical supervision in Golders Green, and over 40 synagogues dotted throughout the area continuing into neighboring Hendon, as well as 30 schools (some in outlaying areas due to space restriction), many of them private. The Jewish community of Hendon and Golders Green is viewed as one, sharing the schooling system as well as Rabbinical guidance.

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