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Grande Synagogue, Geneva

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Grande Synagogue, Geneva


Basic Information

Location Place de la Synagogue, Geneva CH, 1204
Country Switzerland
City Geneva

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Website http://www.sacred-destinations.com/switzerland/geneva-grande-synagogue.htm
Geographical Coordinates 46.20268,6.14075


The Beth Yaakov Synagogue is located in the heart of the city of Geneva. It has also been known as the Grande Synagogue. It was built between 1858 and 1859 for the Ashkenzai Jewish community, which was about 200 people during the creation of the Synagogue.


The architecture a mix of Moorish Revival architecture and Byzantine architecture. The Synagogue was designed by the Swiss Architect Jean Henri Bachofen. At the entrance one can see Moorish style Arches. The platform for reading of the Torah, (the Bimah) is located in front of the Torah ark, opposite the main entrance. This style was adopted later in the history of world Synagogues, since the Bimah was usually built in the middle of the congregation. Women have their own sections on both sides of the prayer hall. The building has been registered as a Historic monument because of its architecture.

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