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Home of Eichman

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Home of Eichman


Basic Information

Location Pje Cnel. Garibaldi, Piñeiro, Buenos Aires
Country Argentina
City Buenos Aires

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Website http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Holocaust/eichcap.html
Geographical Coordinates -34.67207,-58.38149


Eichmann boarded a ship heading for Argentina on 14 July 1950. Eichmann brought his family to Argentina in 1952 For the next 10 years, he worked a succession of jobs including metal factory worker, junior water engineer, rabbit farmer and finally welder and mechanic at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Buenos Aires. In 1959, the Mossad was informed that Eichmann was in Buenos Aires under the name Ricardo Klement (Clement) and then began an effort to locate his exact whereabouts. When surveillance affirmed that Ricardo Klement was Eichmann, the Israeli government approved a covert operation to bring him to Jerusalem for trial as a war criminal. It was to be a joint operation, carried out by the Mossad and Shin Bet, the Israel Security Agency. The Israelis continued their surveillance of Eichmann in 1960 until it was judged safe to take him. A key figure was Yitzhak Elron, the IDF attache in Argentina, who trailed Eichmann with his wife, Sarah, before the abduction. Eichmann was captured by a team of Mossad and Shin Bet agents in San Fernando, Buenos Aires, an industrial community 20km north of the center of Buenos Aires on 11 May 1960. The Mossad agents had arrived in Buenos Aires in April 1960 after Eichmann's identity was confirmed. After observing the suspect's routine for many days, they determined that he usually arrived home by bus from his work as foreman at a Mercedes-Benz factory around the same time every evening and planned to seize him when he was walking beside an open field from the bus stop to his house at 14 Garibaldi St (now 4261 Garibaldi Street). The plan was almost abandoned when Eichmann on the designated day was not present on the bus he usually took home. Tension rose when a passerby offered to assist the agents who pretended to be fixing the broken-down Mossad vehicle; the agents declined the offer. Finally, almost a half hour later, Eichmann got off a bus. A Mossad agent engaged him, asking him in Spanish ("un momentito, señor") if he had a moment. Eichmann was frightened and attempted to leave, but while blinded by Mossad headlights two Mossad men seized him and wrestled him to the ground. After a struggle, he was taken to the car and hidden down on the floor. Eichmann told his captors later that as soon as they told him to keep quiet or they would shoot him, he knew he had been captured by Israelis. The Mossad agents ran into a police checkpoint, but managed to pass a license-plate check. Eichmann was taken to a Mossad safe house, Tira, where he was kept for nine days, during which time his identity was double-checked and confirmed. Eichmann was drugged to appear drunk by an Israeli doctor included in the Mossad team and dressed as a flight attendant. He was smuggled out of Argentina on board an El Al Bristol Britannia plane which a few days before had transported an Israeli delegation to the 150th anniversary celebration of Argentina's independence from Spain. After some tense delay at the airport over getting its flight plan approved, the plane took off from Buenos Aires to Dakar, Senegal and then to Israel on 21 May 1960. He arrived heavily sedated, and like the agents, disguised in the uniform of the El Al crew.

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