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House of Ibn Shaprut

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House of Ibn Shaprut


Basic Information

Location Jaen, Spain
Country Spain
City Jaen
Address Jaen, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 37.7716,-3.7965


The route to find the tracks of the Jews in Jaén ends at Magdalena square, one of oldest, most representative spaces of the spiti of the ancient city where the church is erected which lends it its name, conserving the remains of the former abolutions courtyard of the mosque which it used to be and where the Raudal de la Magdalena is located, a very old large fountain where legend has it that the legendary Lagarto (lizard) lived, an enormous serpent which terrorized the people of Jaén until a brave shepherd used a trick to blow it into a thousand pieces by getting it to swallow an explosive substance, giving rise to the popular saying in Jaén: you´ll blow up like the Lagarto de la Magdalena (Magdalena Lizard).

This seems to be the same house that another tradition associates with the Casa de las Almenas or del Rincón (House of the Wall-walks or of the Corner), called this as its owner gained the privilege of having water and wall-walks as he gave shelter to King Pedro I there for a night, an enemy of the city Jaén during the war with his brother Enrique II and a protector of the Jews.

A surprising Star of David serves to locate the property at number 6 on the square - opposite the colonnades indicating the former house of Hasday ibn Shaprut or house of Cadí – where the right-hand man of Caliph Abderramán III lived and one of the main driving forces behind blacksmith of the golden age of Jewish culture in Al-Andalus in the 10th century.

The house belonged to Isaac, the father of Hasday Abú Yusuf ben Yitzhak ben Ezrá ibn Shaprut, the name of the great Al-Andalus Jewish diplomat who was born in Jaén in around 910 and who pursued his career which reached international projection in Córdoba.

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