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Houses of the Gaibor

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Houses of the Gaibor


Basic Information

Location Monforte, Spain
Country Spain
City Monforte
Address Monforte, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 42.5232,-7.5118


On the last stretch of Falagueira street, the first if according to the numbering, to be precise at numbers 1 and 3, are the houses of the Gaibor, the most relevant of the Jewish and converted families in Monforte whose members were great traders, occupying important posts at the Town Hall or related by marriage later in the 17th century with the Ponce de León and Somoza. These new surnames correspond to the coats-of-arms of the façades, incorporated later onto the properties as the New Christians could not bear their own coat-of-arms except in rare exceptional cases. The Jew Juan de Gaibor, the secretary of the 2nd Count of Lemos, is the first member of this family with sound Jewish roots summonsed by the Inquisition, then followed by their son, Jorge de Gaibor, christened at an advanced age.

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