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Intangible Elements Watch Criteria

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The WJHwatch intangible elements are Jewish practices, representations, expressions, knowledge and skills that are in urgent need of safeguarding. The watch list is intended to increase international awareness of the threats.
The WJHwatch promotes the preservation of Jewish heritage elements by working as a gateway between the public and heritage funds globally. By working with local Jewish associations, tourism industries and heritage organizations, the WJHwatch promotes Jewish heritage promotes awareness to those elements in need of safeguarding.

List of intangible elements

  • Oral tradition and expression, including language
  • Performing arts
  • Social practices, festivals and events
  • Cuisine
  • Traditional Craftsmanship
  • Other(s)

Elements to be nominated for the WJHwatch are Jewish heritage elements that require assistance in preserving their existence.

In order to be considered for the WJHwatch the element must meet the following criteria.

  1. The nominated elements constitute intangible Jewish cultural heritage.
  2. The element has been made an element of the WJHpedia Official list by the WJH nomination committee. The element is in urgent need of safeguarding as it’s existence is at risk, despite efforts from the community, group, State or individuals efforts.
  3. The element is in urgent need of safeguarding as it is facing great threats as a result of which it cannot survive without immediate assistance.
  4. The safeguarding measures are required to be elaborate in as such that they may enable the community, group or individuals concerned to continue the practice and development of the element.
  5. The element has been nominated with the widest possible consent of all those concerned.
  6. The states(s) and parties concerned with the element have been consulted.