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Jewish Memorial Chappel at Dachau

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Jewish Memorial Chappel at Dachau


Basic Information

Location Dachau, Germany
Country Germany
City Dachau

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Website http://www.scrapbookpages.com/DachauScrapbook/MemorialSite/Jewish.html
Geographical Coordinates 48.263,11.4339


The Jewish Memorial, designed by Frankfurt architect Hermann Zwi Guttmann, is located approximately 40 yards east of the Catholic Memorial in the area of the former Dachau concentration camp.

The building is made out of basalt lava and the floor of the prayer room is six feet underground. The 18-foot walkway leading down to the underground room is outlined by an iron fence which is reminiscent of the barbed wire fence around the concentration camp. Like the Catholic chapel next to it, the Jewish Memorial is open to the elements and has a hole at the apex of the roof from which a marble shaft protrudes. The shaft is topped by a Menorah with seven arms, representing the holy relic of Jerusalem's ancient temple.

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