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Jewish Music in the 19th century (Conference)

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Jewish Music in the 19th century (Conference)

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Basic Information

Location Calle Montello S. Elena, 3, Venezia, 30132 Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy
Date 2016/12/12 - 2016/12/13
Recurring Event:
Country Italy
City Venezia

Tourist Information

Free entry yes
Website http://www.veniceghetto500.org/conferenze/?lang=en


With the Jewish demographic decreasing in Italy, traditional Jewish-Italian music is sadly also disappearing. This conference is dedicated to this special genre, and undercovering its development over the last two thousand years. The impact of the complex relationship between the Jewish minority and Christian majority on this genre of music will be explored. Guests will also learn about the fascinating differences between Sephardic, Ashkenazic, and Italian cultures, and their influence on the distinct sounds of Jewish music in the 19th century.

General Information

From dying traditions to the disappearance of small communities, Jewish Italian music is suffering. In recent decades in particular, this genre has begun to disappear, and if not preserved, the loss of this special element of Italian Jewish culture will be a painful one for the community.

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