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Jewish cemetery of Camp Gate

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Jewish cemetery of Camp Gate


Basic Information

Location Palma, Spain
Country Spain
City Palma
Address Palma, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 39.5653,2.65751


As use of the Porto Pí Gate cemetery was los as from 1319 and as it was impossible to recover it, it must be supposed that the aljama sought, requested and obtained another burial space. This site was near Porta del Camp (Camp Gate). It seems that this cemetery cohabited with that of Porto Pí Gate for around two decades, starting its activity in around 1300. Various references tell us that this cemetery was still working in 1410 without the partial conversion of the Jewish community having held it back.

The new cemetery met the new requirements arising from the creation of the main Call and its settlement. With the new location of the Call, the Porto Pí gate cemetery was too far away and meant crossing virtually the whole breadth of the urban centre and going round by the maritime façade was not feasible. With the new cemetery initially passing by a church could be excused. It didn´t last for long que as in 1324 the Holy Faith Chapel was put up in the so-called Huerto d´en Cassà right on the way to the Jewish cemetery.

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