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Jewish cemetery of Los Santos Pintados

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Jewish cemetery of Los Santos Pintados


Basic Information

Location Cordoba, Spain
Country Spain
City Cordoba
Address Cordoba, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 37.8957,-4.7738


In January 1953 Samuel Santos Gener, the director of the Córdoba Archaeological Museum, echoed there are some Jewish sepulchres in the immediate vicinity of Santos Pintados. An array of:

Sepulcros formados por seis grandes losas de piedra caliza acuñadas verticalmente, a tres por banda en forma rectangular y cerrados por una sola losa para la cabeza y otra para los pies. Su altura es aproximadamente de 0'50 m y la longitud de 2 m. Lo más curioso de estos sepulcros es la forma de tapar con losas escalonadas que permiten que el agua de la lluvia penetre en el interior.

The cemetery, given an affiliation which may be Mozarab, follows a pattern which is virtually identical to that of the maqbara, or Islamic cemetery found in Zumbacón: position of the individuals in supine position with variations in their orientation, though burials with the head to the East and feet to the West predominate. Burials in cist abound whose grave is sometimes lined in calcarenite ashlars with or without a cover, with the latter formed, where applicable, by three or four well-edged limestone slabs.

The graves can be rectangular or trapezoidal based; there are none which are anthropomorphically based. Neither is there any record of trousseaus. Worthy of special note is the poor condition of the majority of the funereal structures, particularly the bone remains and the latter are frequently absent under some of the localised structures.

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