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Jewish cemetery of Puente Castro

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Jewish cemetery of Puente Castro


Basic Information

Location Leon, Spain
Country Spain
City Leon
Address Leon, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 42.5844,-5.5496


In June 1983 an urgent excavation was carried out at the Jewish cemetery of Puente Castro after the destruction of part of the cemetery brought about by the works on the road between León and Valladolid which was built in the area. The necropolis, which had already been partially excavated in 1956, had been Split in two by the road, leaving part of the cemetery alongside the houses of Puente Castro and the other part on the opposite side of the road

These excavations revealed various burials which occupied part of the slope going down from Mota to the old Puente del Castro distillery. The excavation revealed two burial levels:

  1. Child burials at 1.50 metres deep carried out in a simple grave dug in the clay (sedimentation by dragging) and a single case in which a tomb had been undertaken with sandstone, unpolished stone, medium-sized, and including a circular hand mill, flaming and covering the interment. The stet of the bone remains was terrible owing to the lack of protection and their fragility as they were people of very tender age.
  2. Adult burials at 2.10 metres in graves conditioned and hardened with «lime-like» and dug in clay levels. The shape of the graves tends towards trapezium and the «bathtub» type, slightly wider at the headboard which faces east. The most common position observed is supine position with the forearms crossed on the pelvis.

The burials lacked any kind of trousseau and inside the grave only moulds and the remains of wood, nails and rings appeared, belonging to the coffin, in some burials. In the filling-in of some graves necklace beads, copper and stone objects and bone were found.

The child burial level, more advanced timewise as they were at a higher level, can undoubtedly be put down to a time of great child mortality. The burials at those level are careless and seem to have been rushed and unplanned and so they probably correspond to the last moments of the site occupation.

There are several funeral headstones from this cemetery today distributed amongst León Museum, the Diocesan Cathedral Museum of León and the Tránsito Synagogue (Toledo).

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