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Jewish cemetery of Santa Margalida Gate

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Jewish cemetery of Santa Margalida Gate


Basic Information

Location Palma, Spain
Country Spain
City Palma
Address Palma, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 39.5777,2.65211


The Jewish cemetery of Santa Margalida Gate, in view of the very scant information we have discovered, has frequently been said not to have existed. The sole written reference dates from 1361 and briefly refers to a donation made by Bishop Antonio de Colell of a vegetable garden alongside the drinking trough of the portal invasatoris and which was located opposite a Fossar dels jueus (Jewish cemetery).

In the area Joaquim Ma. Bover found in 1861 a tomb headstone near the aqueduct which, passing via the Santa Margalida gate, allowed the entry of the water from the Town Fountain. Fidel Fita, who had the chance to see the inscription, dated the headstone from its calligraphy in the 14th century. It was a one and a half metre wide limestone piece fragmented into two segments and in truncated pyramid shape according to a model which was very common throughout the 14th century. The inscription, severely deteriorated, was made with characters of around 9 or 10 cm and the following can be read:

Rabbi Moses Hakim, su recuerdo sea

</p> <p>In the opinion of Josep Maria Quadrado, this may refer to Moses Faquí, the husband of Floreta, who appears as the owner of a house adjoining that of Maymó Mahabub. This notarial annotation allows us to assume he was alive in 1391 as Floreta is not said to be a widow.</p> <p>The piece was collected by the Monuments´ Commission and formed part of the Archaeological Museum of the province which existed at that time. When the Museum disappeared the headstone was stored at Lonja and it was kept there during the 1940´s and went missing at an indefinite time.</p>

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