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La Cruz del Rastro (Track or Market Cross)

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La Cruz del Rastro (Track or Market Cross)


Basic Information

Location Cordoba, Spain
Country Spain
City Cordoba
Address Cordoba, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 37.8797,-4.7753


The Cruz del Rastro commemorates the attack on the Jewish quarter of Córdoba occurred in 1473 based on an incident which occurred during Easter Week alongside the Rastro where a market was located. It was the Charity Brotherhood which provoked the incidents as it decided to place a cross at this site to commemorate the slaughter of Jews and converts.

Legend has it that the blood of the victims formed a short path of the ground, creating a small stream which left a track, and the latter reached a small plain at the riverside and it was here that the first of the crosses was placed, replaced in 1814, with the next one remaining until 1852 when it was demolished by dint of the works on the wall. The current cross was placed in 1927. Although popular legend attributes the name Cruz (cross) to the track of blood left by the slaughters, in actual fact it was called Rastro because of a rake which existed in this area until 1568 when it was moved to the Roman Bridge at Campo de la Verdad.

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