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Medieval silos and house

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Medieval silos and house


Basic Information

Location Barcelona, Spain
Country Spain
City Barcelona

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 41.3827,2.17611


In the subsoil of the current Sant Honorat street you can visit a Roman domus built in the 4th century AD Part of the perystilum or central porticoed garden has been conserved with various laci, water tanks and plants. The decoration of the house and its position alongside the colonial settlement as well as its extension (it must have occupied the whole block) tells us that it belonged to a prominent personality of the city.

On the same site you can behold the remains of other historical ages such as six huge silos from the Early Middle Ages which were built in the Barcelona Jewish quarter. Its stands out for its height (four metres) and its construction system. The medieval complex illustrates the economic and commercial vitality of the Barcelona Jewish quarter in the 13th century.

The six silos endowed with large dimensions and the various tanks identified represented a secure storage space for different products (cereals, coral silks...). It may well have formed part of the corn exchange which the written documentation locates in said block on the eastern edge of the district, organised around a small open air square with an exit onto the current Sant Honorat street.

The medieval corn exchange was a commercial type equipment which received merchants and their products temporarily - and which this required large storage spaces - generating great commercial activity with all kinds of transactions. The documents indicate that in the mid-14th century one of the house owners was Massot Avengená, a well-off member of the Barcelona Jewish community.

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