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Midrash of Cayón Yard

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Midrash of Cayón Yard


Basic Information

Location Segovia, Spain
Country Spain
City Segovia
Address Segovia, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 40.9513,-4.1268


The second Talmudic school which is said to have been situated in the Almuzara, bordering the Old Synagogue. The community had erected this educational centre on a plot which belonged to Segovia cathedral and this institution was thus paid an annual amount of fifty silver reales.

In 1412 the Old Synagogue was expropriated from the Jews and given to the convent of St. Mary of Mercy so that the friars could set up a hospital there. The terms of the donation by the King included the fact that the Mercedarians must take on the responsibilities pertaining to the old synagogue.

Hence, in 1414 the convent renewed the lifelong rental of the old Talmudic school, undertaking to pay a censo every year of forty silver reales, the less than the Jewish community had paid.

In this contract the property is described as some houses and a yard with the whole building fecho e edeficado. The registration of the cathedralic stewardship of food for the years 1419-1420 has a book entry including the first conserved payment of those made by the convent:

El corral de Cayón con el midrás tienelo el comendador de la Merced por quarenta rreales de plata, que son doscientos e sesenta maravedís, contando el rreal a sys maravedís e medio. CCLX.

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