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Midrash of the beams

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Midrash of the beams


Basic Information

Location Toledo, Spain
Country Spain
City Toledo
Address Toledo, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 39.8573,-4.0297


The inventory of 1495 of the assets of the Jewish community (the aljama) with regard to which the numerous nobles of Toledo received taxes, confirms the existence in the Middle Ages of a study house or midrash in the Jewish district of Alacava. In actual fact, we are aware of a document which states that:

The aljama had had taxes on […] some houses which were midrash of the aljama in Alacava which was called Midrás de las Vigas [...].

No data has been obtained serving to precisely situate its location in the district. A document dated 1558 says that the house called Midraz de las vigas is on the wall-walks of Bernardo de los Pleytos as the Cuesta de Bisbís was called at this time in the 16th century.

The midrash de las Vigas is described in 1564 as a large house with a courtyard with three or four storeys, two palaces on the ground floor, gangways on the four sides on the first floor and a cellar under one of the palaces. It was in the block extending between Caños de Oro street and the Cuesta de Bisbís, a block in which there was also a house of prayer belonging to the aljama. In the same block in 2006 a parchment was discovered with a fragment of the Torah, to be precise, in niche in the house at number 3 of Caños de Oro street, confirming the importance this block must have had in the religious life of the Jews of the Santo Tomé district.

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