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Mimouna in Ashdod

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Mimouna in Ashdod


Basic Information

Location Ashdod, Israel
Date 2016/04/30 - 2016/05/01
Recurring Event: yes
Phone number 08-8545075
Country Israel
City Ashdod

Tourist Information

Free entry yes
Suitable for kids yes
Handicap accessibility no
Yearly event yes
Website http://www.ironit.org.il/


There has always been a large Moroccan presence in Ashdod, and it is therefore fitting that, of the 60 mimouna festivities taking place in Israel, one of the biggest celebrations is held in this southern city - most widely known nowadays for its proximity to Gaza and the frequent rocket attacks from which it suffers. Mimouna is the traditional North African Jewish holiday celebration which marks the end of Passover, and in recent years it has taken on a national dimension and has been embraced by the Israeli public as a whole. Originally it was intended as a holiday in honor of Maimonides’ father, who died on that day in Fez. The main themes of the holiday include celebrating the beginning of spring as well as the return to eating chametz (leavened bread). The meal features a few traditional dishes such as moufletas (moroccan pancakes), dates stuffed with nuts and marzipan, mazun (a variety of jams) - but most of all the holiday is exceptional because it embodies the warmth and hospitality for which Moroccan heritage is known.

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