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Museum on the Seam

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Museum on the Seam


Basic Information

Location Heil Hahandasa 4, Jerusalem
Phone number 02-6281278
Country Israel
City Jerusalem
Address Jerusalem

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment yes
Handicap accessibility yes
Website www.mots.org.il
Geographical Coordinates 31.78524,35.22722


Museum on the Seam is a unique museum in Israel, displaying contemporary art that deals with different aspects of the sociopolitical reality.

Through the works of artists from Israel and abroad, who respond to the stress and tension between and within groups, the museum invites the visitors to examine the degree of influence of the social environment on the individual and vice verse.

Between the local and the universal, between pluralism and extreme ideologies, the message of The Museum calls for listening and discussion, for accepting the other and those different from us and respect for our fellow man and his liberty.

Photo Gallery

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