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Old Call. Puig de l´Eramala

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Old Call. Puig de l´Eramala


Basic Information

Location Castello, Spain
Country Spain
City Castello
Address Castello, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 42.2584,3.07612


The surface area occupied by the first Jewish quarter was small and extended via the area known as Puig de l´Eramalato the southeast of the town within the area of the Jews and Sant Francesc streets. In 1238, thanks to a privilege granted by the Counts of Empúries to the Jewish community of Castelló and of the county, it can be asserted that there was already a well-consolidated community around the first synagogue. There is scarcely any documentation regarding this synagogue, though there is data as from its disposal in the late 13th century and its recovery towards the middle of the 15th century. The building was left in disuse with the increase in the aljama population making it necessary to build a new synagogue nearer the nerve centre of the town in Puig Mercadal. In 1442 the old synagogue was reused when the aljama, in an attempt to reorganise and recover from the persecution and economic and religious pressure it had been subjected to, purchased and recovered the building.

At present two of the most emblematic stately homes of Castelló d´Empúries form part of the block where the first synagogue was located. Can Sanllehí and Can Cassanyes are situated to the north and west of the synagogue which may originate in the buildings of two of the most important, richest Jews in the town: Bernat Bussiges, a merchant and Cresques Bonafos Susau. The two buildings underwent much remodelling work in the 18th century. The synagogue building was also rehabilitated recently and little remains of what it was at the time.

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