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Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria

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Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria


Basic Information

Location 42.698539,23.313328
Country Bulgaria
City Sofia

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Website http://www.eujs.org/
Geographical Coordinates 42.69853,23.31333


The Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria (OJB) coordinates the different Jewish communities in Bulgaria, a country where about 8000 Jews live. This organization encloses all categories of the Jewish life by organizing many programs and projects. The tasks of Shalom – OJB are mainly:

- Keeping up and promoting the Jewish values and traditions regarding ethnological, linguistic and cultural aspects.

- Defending the constitutional rights of its members as well as of all Jews in Bulgaria against the state, its organs and other public and political facilities of the state.

- Supporting the reduction of racism, totalitarianism, antidemocratical tendencies, fascism, antisemitism and national chauvinism in any kind.

- Cooperating with any societies and organizations at home and abroad which correlate to the principles of democracy and human rights.

- Organizing seminars, academic facilities and other training centers.

- Marketing and popularization of the Jewish values.

- Promoting education and culture.

- Organizing concerts, stage plays and book presentations.

- Building up data archives.

- Maintaining the historical sites (synagogues, graves, memorials etc.)

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