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Original Jewish quarter

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Original Jewish quarter


Basic Information

Location Toledo, Spain
Country Spain
City Toledo
Address Toledo, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 39.8582,-4.0328


The area around the Bajada de San Martín was the original Madinat al-yahud (City of the Jews) assigned to them by the Arabs between the gate of the Jews (Cambrón Gate) and San Martín bridge (San Martín district). It was subsequently called Degolladero or Degolladera (Slaughterhouse) of the Jews, becoming a highly inhabited district, undoubtedly owing to the presence of the slaughterhouse in this segregated area.

More or less in the space where the Cava palace is erected, the Assuica district has taken over from the original Jewish quarter, the true madinat al-Yahud where the Moslems settled the Jews before the Christian conquest between the gate of the Jews and or Cambrón and the San Martín bridge with its main route on the current Bajada de San Martín. Little remains of the old Jewish quarter except for the structure of the streets, still on uneven ground, and the remains of the walled defences such as the so-called New Castle of the Jews or the exterior wall of the Jewish quarter as the current Paseo de Recaredo, which rises up to Cambrón gate, built by the Arab governor from Toledo Muhachir ibn Al-Qatil in 820. The steps of Alamillos de San Martín alley descend steeply as far as the Bajada de San Martín at the end of which was the Portiel gate in a district which popular memory has recalled as the Degolladero or Matadero Judío (Jewish slaughterhouse).

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